Thread: i need help understanding classes

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    i need help understanding classes

    I really need help with this class I'm in. I understand the basic principles behind the classes, but I'm unsure how to translate what I want to do into code. On one particular project I need to create a user defined matrix, and then give the user the option to add, subtract, multiply, or print the matrix. We are supposed to use classes, but I don't know how to create the classes. I don't know if they go in the header file or the cpp file. I haven't used C++ in 4 years and I'm totally lost. I'm including what I have so far, so if anyone can give me any advice, i would be thankful.


    header file
    #ifndef MATRIXTYPE_H_
    #define MATRIXTYPE_H_
    	#include <fstream>
    	#include <iostream>
    	const int MAX_ROWS = 10;
    	const int MAX_COLS = 10;
    	class MatrixType
    		void MakeEmpty();
    		void SetSize(int rowSize, int colSize);
    		void StoreItem(int item, int row, int col);
    		void Add(const MatrixType& otherOperand, MatrixType& result);
     		void Sub(const MatrixType& otherOperand, MatrixType& result);
     		void Mult(const MatrixType& otherOperand, MatrixType& result);
    		void Print(std::ofstream& outfile);//Also echo print to console
    		bool AddSubCompatible(const MatrixType& otherOperand);
     		bool MultCompatible(const MatrixType& otherOperand);
    		int values[MAX_ROWS][MAX_COLS];
    		int numRows;
    		int numCols;
    __________________________________________________ __

    .cpp file
    __________________________________________________ __
    #include “MatrixType.h"
    int main()
    	bool done=false;
    	MatrixType TheMatrix[10];	
    	//Initialize the program as needed
    		//Print menu choices
    		//InitMatrix(index), sets number of rows and columns
    		//AddMatrices(indexleft, indexright, indexresult)
    		//SubMatrices(indexleft, indexright, indexresult)
    		//MultiplyMatrices(indexleft, indexright, indexresult)
    		//Get input
    		//Perform task
    	return 0;
    __________________________________________________ _

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    Good start. Now you can define your functions (probably in a cpp file), as follows:

    return_type class_name::function_name(args ...)
    // For example:
    void MatrixType::makeEmpty()
    ... or ... 
    void MatrixType::Add(const MatrixType& otherOperand, MatrixType& result)
    You may want to look into operator overloading as well, since you would be able to add to matrices (a and b), by simply using 'a + b' for example.

    Also, in your arithmetic functions, you might want to return the result, rather than making the user pass it to the function.

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