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    Programming Love

    Any additions to the if statements in main?

    male and female are objects defined in the people.h include file

    #include "people.h"
    #include <iostream.h>
    void main()
         male me;
         female you;
         bool is_it_real;
         is_it_real=TrueLove(me, you);
         if(is_it_real && !boyfriend.isscaredofcommitment)
              cout<<"Will you marry me?";
         else if(is_it_real && boyfriend.isscaredofcommitment)
              cout<<"I think we should see other people for awhile.";
         else if(!is_it_real && girlfriend.isab1tch)
              cout<<"Later ho.";
         else if(!is_it_real && !girlfriend.isab1tch)
              cout<<"I hope we're still friends.";
    bool TrueLove(male boyfriend, female girlfriend)
         float time_before_falling_in_love, time_together;
         int other_guys_available_for_dating;
         bool true_love;
              if(time_before_falling_in_love>other_guys_available_for_dating && !boyfriend.isaniceguy)
                   true_love = true;
                   true_love = false; 
              if(time_together>other_guys_available_for_dating && !boyfriend.isaniceguy)
                   true_love = true;
                   true_love = false; 
         return true_love;
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    if (is_it_real && girlfriend.isab1tch)
       cout << "Welcome to the real world!" << endl;

    (personal experience)

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