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    classes confusion

    */I believe I did a good job with constructing my program.
    Please review and feel free to offer any guidelines or
    tips as I am stuck. I am referring to my text for an
    example program but I cannot seem to find one that fits.
    Am I at least in the ballpark?*/

    //Here's my problem...

    */Part a - Construct a class named Rectangle that has floating-point
    data members named length and width. The class should have
    a constructor that sets each data member to 0, member functions
    named perimeter() and area() to calculate the perimeter and
    area of a rectangle, respectively, a member function named
    setdata() to set a rectangle's length and width, and a member
    function named (showdata) that displays a rectangle's length,
    width, perimeter, and area.
    Part b. - Then include the Rectangle class
    within a working C++ program.*/

    //Part a.

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <iomanip.h>

    class Rectangle //class declaration

    float length;
    float width;

    Rectangle (float = 0, float = 0);
    float perimeter();
    float area ();
    void setdata (float length, float width);
    void showdata();

    int main()
    //Should I create rectangle objects and call methods here?
    //Please provide an example

    Perimter: (2 * length + 2 * width)
    Area: (length * width)
    setdata: //Not sure what goes here?
    showdata: //I figure that here I should display length,
    width, perimter, and area, then call perimeter and
    area from in main?

    //Part b.
    //create two objects and call at least one
    //rectangle r1, r2, r3
    //float temp = (result should be zero)
    //length + width and give some values

    I sent this e-mail for a kick start only. I am reading right now because maybe I missed something.

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    First, use code tags, it really helps to make the code readable. Next, remember that C++ is case-sensitive.

    Here's a quick example to help get you started:

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    class square
        square() : side_(0) {}
        void setData(double x) { side_ = x; }
        double getArea() const { return side * side; }
        void print() const { cout << "Area: " << getArea() << endl; }
        double side_;
    int main()
        square a;
        return 0;
    That should help point you in the right direction. If you have an y more specific problems, let us know.
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