Thread: Max Array?

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    Max Array?

    I am reading data from a file and i need to read in a lot of data, approaching millions of lines proabably.

    the problem i have is i have declared a struct to store the data but i have found that the maximum array of structs i can have is:

    users db[28725] ;

    Anyone know why this is and how i can change it to accept a larger amount of data. my struct is simple:

    struct users
    	string user ;
    	char ip[20] ;
    } ;
    Thanks Guys

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    Use dynamic memory allocation. Its pretty simple. You just determine how many structs you are going to require then allocate that much room...

    // init size to whatever you need at run-time
    users *pUsers = new users[ size ];
    if( !pUsers )
      // couldn't allocate memory...
    delete [] pUsers;

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    Thanks MrWizard dynamic memory allocation worked a treat.

    Salem: Interesting to know that, any idea how you can change the limits imposed by the OS/Compiler or are they set.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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