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    C++ Programming Book

    What is a good programming book to use? I've looked at the two on the front page, but I didn't really like them. What are some of the books that you guys have used?

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    I used "A Complete Idiot's Guide to C++". It covers from Beginning to Intermediate C++

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    "Ivor Horton's Beginning C++". Great book. He gives thorough explanations of the concepts using code snippets, and then he gives a full fledged example and explains it line by line. At the end of every chapter there are 4 or 5 practice problems, and you can download sample solutions at the Wrox web site. Good luck.

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    Bjarne has a Third Edition of his C++ book which teaches you all about stuff, and follows the standards. I recommend it, its about $85 USD. Here is a link:

    BTW, I don't own that book, but I would just for reference if I had the money. Anyways, I think it's one of the better books for learning C++. Bjarne kinda writes more like he was writing Formulas in the book instead, but you'll get used to it, it seems quite thorough. But anyways, you can always read the reviews at Amazon. Someone says Lippmans was better... who knows.

    Personally I would rather have a book for reference, rather than tutorial, as there are enough online.
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