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    c++ basic language

    the whole setup of dev-c++ is, as I understand, to build programs which are transportable from one platform to another.

    So I ask (as I have looked on the GCC-website, but not found anything) where I can find the basic structure of the c++ libraries etc

    Am I making any sense here?

    Maybe an answer to my question are the header-files in the bin directory, but I'm not sure...

    Help me please


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    Are you trying to learn to write system-independent code? Do i understand correctly?

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    I'm not sure I quite understand either. At any rate, here are some links to references on the standard library:
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    thx guys
    the reference was what I was looking for...

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    since we are at it, I checked out and it was everything I was looking for.

    Now I wonder
    if I want to go graphical, but not windows or anything like it, just as basic as possible... like this C++ Standard Template Library, what do I do?

    Is there in the cpp language enough material (programming commands) to design graphical stuff, or do I have to use other libraries? I used to program a bit at school and we used a Borland compiler. For drawing on the screen we used a "Canvas" i think.

    What do you guys think? or am I to fuzzy again?
    basic question:
    does c++ language offer commands and constants to program a gui?

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    there is no standard C++ graphics library. GLUT allows OpenGL (an Open Graphics Library) to be relatively cross platform, but isn't standard.

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