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    I have the Stroustrup book, and I too find it difficult to understand... It seems to be written for Computer Science graduates! Also, it is NOT complete... that is, it does not have every standard ANSI library function.

    The most complete source for all of the ANSI functions that I have found is at You can use the online reference, or order a CD for about $25. The reference IS complete, but there are very few examples (maybe none).

    I also have the Josuttis book. It should be called The C++ Standard TEMPLATE Library: A Tutorial and Reference, because it ONLY only the STL. It does seem to be a complete STL reference. It is much more readable than the Stroustrup book. It is a good reference book, but not the only reference book to have.
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    Can someone post an excerpt from the Stroustrup book to show how hard it is to understand?

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    Here is an excerpt at Amazon.
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    Check out Stroustrup's web page:
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