Thread: I can't figure out what project to use!

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    Angry I can't figure out what project to use!

    I want to make a quiz, but saddly I don't know which project to use. Please help me out. :-\

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    Yes, it is quite sad. Therefore, I will post this:

    The most confusing thing about VC++ for beginners is learning how to choose the proper setup to create a program. Here is an explanation:

    The first thing you need to do before you start writing your program is to start a new project. You should close all workspaces before doing that by clicking on File/Close Workspace. Then click on File/New. The projects tab should be selected and you should make sure the radio button for "Create new workspace" is checked. For a console program(needed for beginning C++ programs), select Win32 Console Application, fill in a project name, then click OK. Then select Empty Project and click Finish. Then click on OK.

    Now you need to create a file for your project. Click on File/New and the Files tab should be selected. Click on C++ Source File. Make sure the "Add to project" check box is checked. Fill in the File Name(with no extension--it will be added for you) and click on OK. At the top left of the Visual C++ window, in the blue border, it will show the project name and then Microsoft Visual C++. The file you created has its name in the blue border at the top of its window.

    Then you type in your code, and when you are done you need to compile it. You can compile your program by clicking on the tool bar button that looks like a box with dots in it and two down arrows with dots above the arrows, or by choosing the build menu item and selecting "Compile your_project.cpp". Any errors will be displayed in a separate frame. You can read an error and then click on the error message to take you to the line where the error occured in your code. Once you take care of all the errors, then you can execute your program by clicking on the tool bar button that looks like a red exclamation mark, or by clicking on the Build menu and selecting "Execute your_project.exe". After that, a DOS window will open and the results of your program will be output to the DOS window. If none of the tool bar buttons mentioned are visible, simply right click on an empty spot in the tool bar area and select "Build MiniBar" and those buttons will appear. You can also drag the tool bars anywhere you want.

    The project hierarchy goes like this: workspace/project/files. A project is simply a program of some kind made up of various files(for a beginner it will be only one file), and a project workspace is a folder in which all the information relating to a project is stored. When you create a project, a project workspace(a folder) is created automatically, and Visual C++ will maintain all the source code and other files in the project workspace folder. When you want to stop working on a program, you click on File/Close Workspace, and when you want to start working on a previous project, you click on File/Open Workspace or File/Recent Workspaces.

    The only way you can permanently delete files and/or workspaces is to navigate to the folder on your computer and delete one of the files in the folder or the whole folder. Deleting a file in Visual C++ does not remove it from the workspace.

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    Wow, that is so much more complicated that Dev-C++.. With that after you select "Win32 console" in new project it already makes a blank source for you and opens it.. Then your ready to start.

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    7stud: you have that essay saved on your HDD?
    All the buzzt!

    "There is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be, any programming language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad code."
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    Originally posted by Nuke
    Wow, that is so much more complicated that Dev-C++.. With that after you select "Win32 console" in new project it already makes a blank source for you and opens it.. Then your ready to start.
    VC++ isn't really that much more complicated, but if you let it, it will auto-generate tons of skeleton code for you. And the project options basically select what kinds of libraries are linked and what kinds of skeleton code are created.

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