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    Question ***** Post-Fix Operator???****

    Whats a post-fix operator

    i need it to help me answer this question...
    Which of the following operations has a higher PRECEDENCE: a post-fix operator or unary operator?

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    int a = 5;

    ++a; //prefix increment operator
    a++; //postfix increment operator

    Check out "Operators" under the following link:

    I think the answer is unary operator. If you use the - operator postfix it would be like this:

    4 - 3

    prefix it would be:

    -4 - 3

    So, if that expression gets ouput as -7, then unary has higher precedence than postfix. On the other hand, if it gets output as -1, then postfix would have higher precedence.

    However, the postfix increment operator ++ is also a unary operator, in which case it would be a tie.
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    At Precedence Level 2:

    increment operator, postfix-- x++

    decrement operator, postfix-- x--

    At Precedence Level 3:

    All unary operators-

    increment operator, prefix ++x

    decrement operator, prefix --x

    So this means postfix has higher precedence than prefix.
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