Thread: any recomendations?

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    any recomendations?

    hey i have been programming a little andi have dev-c++ version and was wondering what compilers people would recomend

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    Dev-C++ and MingW is a good IDE/compiler combo. I use it and Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.
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    all i can say is stay away from borland 3.5... it's good for older programming, but doesn't support newer standards...
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    i personally like visual, im sure you can find a copy for <100$

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    gcc is an excellent, free compiler. I dunno how well it works on windows though...

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    Originally posted by PorkyChop
    gcc is an excellent, free compiler. I dunno how well it works on windows though...
    Works very well. Infact, the original poster is using Dev-C++, which ships with mingw, the win32 port of gcc.

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