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    interacting with a website

    how can I write a console application program that sends some English words to a website, lets say to "" website to check for the meaning of these words, and how can I get the result.

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    What you're asking is a very wide range of things. First the website would have to be able to accept requests from outside the website and you'd have to know the way it has to be asked.
    Even soupousing that you would have to look up sockets to open the internet connection to the website and get the result just like your browser would.
    If you're having to ask this you're probably not at a stage where you could do this easily. Take a look at sockets anyway and see.
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    I highly recommend Network Programming for Microsoft Windows, Second Edition by Anthony Jones and Jim Ohmund.


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    Sample App

    Hello, Here is a Sample application from MSDN for u to begin with.

    It runs from command prompt. Called TEAR


    That gets the html source code of Then its a matter of locating The data from within the html code, in your case Translated word, and displaying it.

    Download it > Tear.Zip <

    Build it with VC++. Good Luck
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    Originally posted by Salem
    Same Question?
    Probably, so all replied here OK
    Same problem, but not quite the same question.
    All the buzzt!

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