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    Reading with getline()..STILL NEED HELP =(

    Hi, all:

    I have the following 2 lines in a file:

    Another sample line.

    I want to first read in the first line (i.e. password) and write it to a file. Then I want to go back and read the second line and write only that second line to a file.

    How can I do this?

    How can each line be interpreted separately?

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    I know I'm using getline(), but I can't seem to use it for 2 lines. I can get the first line no prob

    e.g. infile.getline(variable, 80, '\n')

    But how do I use getline() to get the second line and play with the 2nd line independently of the first?

    Can someone provide an example please?

    Much appreciated.

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    >Can someone provide an example please?
    while (getline(var, sizeof (var), '\n'))
        cout<< var <<endl;
    Every call to getline moves the 'get' pointer for the stream to the next available character after the delimiter. If it didn't then you would simply read the same line over and over, and that would just be silly.

    On a side note, don't double post. If we see your question more than once we may get confused and forget we saw it at all. I'm notorious for such lapses in memory.
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    i think they mean they want it in seperate variables... if you want that:

    char password[...];
    char line[...];
    cin.getline(password, ... ,'\n');
    cin.getline(line, ... ,'\n');
    then just use password and line as two different variables...
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