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    table turmoil

    Actually, I was wondering if soemone would review my code below. Is there a better way to output the information and make it look nicer? Did I follow the algorithm step by step? Thanks in advance for your input.

    The outstanding balance on Rhona's car is $5,000.00. Each month, she is required
    to make a payment of $300.00, which includes both interest and principal repayment
    of her car loan. The monthly interest is calculated as 0.09/12 of the outstanding
    balance of the loan. After the interest is deducted, the remaining part of the
    payment is used to pay off the loan. Write a C++ program that produces a table
    indicating the beginning monthly balance, the interest payment, the prinicpal payment,
    and the remaining loan balance after each payment is made.
    Note: Follow this pre-assigned algorithm:
    Output Header
    Initialize Balance
    Initialize payment
    Calculate Interest Payment ( = 0.09/12 * Balance)
    If Interest Payment + Balance < Payment
    Calculate Principal ( = Balance)
    Calculate Principle ( = Payment - Interest Payment)
    Calculate Ending Balance ( = Balance - Principle)
    Output Data
    Calculate New Balance ( = Ending Balance)
    While Balance > 0


    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <iomanip.h>
    int main()

    float balance = 5000.0;
    float rate = 0.09/12;
    float payment = 159;
    float interest, principal;

    cout << " Beginning Interest Principal Ending Loan\n";
    cout << " Balance Payment Payment Balance \n";
    cout << " ---------------------------------------------------------\n";

    cout << setiosflags(ios::fixed)
    << setiosflags(ios::showpoint)
    << setprecision(2);

    while (balance < 0.05)
    {cout << setw(11) << balance;
    interest = rate * balance;
    prinicpal = payment - interest;
    balance = balance - principal;
    cout << setw(10) << interest
    << setw(10) << principal
    << setw(10) << balance << endl;

    return 0;


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    Firstly - to make the code look nicer on THIS forum, use CODE tags.

    Second, I have only read the spec briefly, but I am confused by the conditional in the while loop. You are executing the loop while the balance is less than 0.05, but the algorithm asks you to execute while the balance is greater than 0.

    The algorithm also talks of a conditional statement, but I don't see that in the code. I could be misreading this.. I am REALLY tired right now.

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