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    Question File I/O (white-space)

    I am wondering how can i erase white space.
    If program read data from source file then write it on the target file. If there are leading and trailing white-space in the source file but should be discarded for the destination file.

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    I'm doing something similar. You'll have to build ur write string one character at a time. Use two counters. If you see double/reoccuring spaces, you just skip to the next character in the read string, but maintain the same position in the write string.

    When you write a character into the new string, increase the second counter.

    Hope that helped.

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    //Open a stream
    	ifstream file;
    //Open file"file.txt", ios::in);
    //Read data
    	   file.get(x); //Get the data by char
    	   if(x==' ') //x is a space
                        //Do nothing
                        //handle file
    This is taking in every char x; and checking for spaces.
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