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    Using External functions


    I've written a function, which is not related to any objects any methods.
    It's constuctor is like this:
    void SerialSend(AnsiString command)
    I've written it right under the other functions which are releted to the objects methods.
    I've copied this constructor to the user declared section of the .h file (to the public section).

    Now I try to run my program, and I get the error message:
    "[Linker Error] Unresolved external 'TfrmMain::SerialSend(System::AnsiString)' referenced from E:\PROJECTS\MOTIV10\UNIT1.OBJ'

    How ahould I do it right?


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    hello, make sure u have included the Object file and the Header file ( which contains the function prototype ) into the project where u are calling the function.

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    It has to be included, since I use Borland C++ Builder 5.0 and it does these things automatically. And besides this, the function is in the same file with the routines which call it.


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