Thread: Anyone read this book?

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    Anyone read this book?;;101

    Has anyone read this? I'm contemplating wether or not buy it right now

    Is it easy to follow etc.?


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    Not read that particular book, but generally Schildt is a very readable author that I like. Others hate him, such is life.

    The "contents" are wrong though, the listing is for a www programming book, the book says it is a C++ book.
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    yeah, i noticed the contents

    anyway I decided on 'Learn To Program With C++' by John smiley

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    I would suggest C++ Primer Plus by Stephen Prata, excellent book with good exercises.

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    Schildt books tend to be rubbish. If you want an introductory text to the language one of the best books is Accelerated c++ by Koenig and Moo.
    We have discussed books many times a search will throw up many reviews.
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