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    AnsiString to TString


    A method I am calling returns an AnsiString ( from a text file), and has to be presented in a 'memo' on a form in Borland....only prob is, it only accepts Tstrings and I cant find a method to convert..??

    I cant access the method itself, so need to convert once it is returned... you can tell im new to Borland, so any help appreciated...

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    I donīt remember the correct syntax but I think there is a property in TMemo called TString. In that property you could acces each line with a index that returns a line in TMemo.

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    You could use the WinAPI directly and an #ifdef UNICODE directive, but that would be quite complicated - there should be a better way.
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    TStrings is essentially a list of AnsiStrings. The TMemo property that ripper was getting at is Lines, so the code should be something like this:


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