Thread: tutorial confusion <<endl;

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    tutorial confusion <<endl;

    in lesson 3, loops


    cout<<x; makes perfectly sense to my, but why adding <<endl, what does it change? it can't be a variable since it never gets defined.

    if it's something like endlOOP.. that makes no sense to me either since } ends the loop, in a further code there even is written x++; below it... anyway, i'm confused. about that little thing.

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    end line This is just a slightly fancyer and cooler way of saying cout << x << '\n'. The cooler part is that it flushes the buffer. cout does not always write what you send to it right away. It tries to build up a bunch of things to send in one block.

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    endl is end line, it does the same thing as /n.

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    >>endl is end line, it does the same thing as /n.

    It also flushes the output buffer.
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    i didn't know it flushed the output buffer... interesting...
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