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    Question creating + using files

    Could someone please tell me how to create a file with the name of a variable.
    For example, if a user inputted their username to create an account, how could i make a file [theirusername].acc ?

    So basically, how do you use a variable, like a string, to access/create a file.
    Unfortunately I am forced to use the family comp. so I'm not allowed to install a compiler heh
    char username[] = "example";
    then create a username.acc

    create username.acc or example.acc?


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    With the code you posted and the question that you asked, I would say: no.

    And since you have no compiler installed, it would be hard to do any code.......

    But to give you an idea...
    First take input of a "username" and store that into a variable.
    Then take that variable and add the extention that you want.
    Create the file.
    Finaly write to the file.

    My sugestion would be to get a computer, compiler and read up on I/O.
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