Thread: Help with time.h functions please.

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    Question Help with time.h functions please.

    Hello and good morning, I've been having alot of trouble recently with time.h functions using Dev-C++. I have learned how to get the time to display finally, but I would like it to be formatted in a since of hour:minute, if possible.

    The program is to help keep time in a billard room for the pool tables. My C++ Knowledge is limited, due to a poor teacher in High School who only checked the result of our programs and rarely understood the code.

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    #include <ctime>

    time_t secs = 0;

    This is from MSDN:

    char *ctime( const time_t *timer );
    time_t time( time_t *timer );
    time_t long integer

    Apparently, the time() function will store the return value at the "timer" location.

    For some reason, this compiles but won't work even though the parameters appear to match the function declarations:

    time_t* secs = 0;
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    #include <iostream>
    #include <ctime>
    int main( void ) {
      time_t curTime = time( NULL );
      tm *tmstruct = localtime( &curTime );
      char buffer[ 256 ];
      strftime( buffer, 256, "%I:%M %p", tmstruct ); // 12 hour time
      strftime( buffer, 256, "%H:%M", tmstruct ); // 24 hour time
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    Most appreciated, thank you.

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