Thread: MSN Client - would it be ok?

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    MSN Client - would it be ok?

    Hey, I recently got a packett sniffer to aid myself in investigating how MSN Messenger works. One day I hope to be able to create my own client in C++.

    But for now, I'd like to know if there would be any legal problems with doing so? I don't plan to sell the client in any way, just to experiment with it... In my view it would be like creating a new web browser, with the MSN way of sending data rather then the HTML way. But with the way MS has licenses over everything, who knows what they might think about this.

    So if anyone knows of any legal problems, or even of anyone who has done the same sort of thing and has any links, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it.

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    Re: MSN Client - would it be ok?

    Microsoft released information on the MSN protocol (I think it was v2 to be exact) so I doubt there could be any legal implications. I think the latest MSN Client uses v7 or something, but there's not much difference between protocols. As a matter of fact, Iíve been thinking of making my own as well... it seems like a fun project.

    Anyhow, you can find a load of information here:

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    I don't know if you know any VB or not. But this might be of help.

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    You need to know the MD5 Algorithm. Before you can login to your MSN account it sends you an MD5 hash that you need to use to encode your accounts pass with. After that the rest is pretty straight-forward.

    btw, I use Etherreal, what are you using as a packet sniffer?
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