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    Device Drivers

    Hi Friends,
    I am Ujwal and this is my message in this board.So i would like to wish evry one a happy and joyous day.
    Today i was asked to do an assignment in writing Device Drivers which i am not aware of.So friends please kindly help me by telling what is a VxD file and how to write it.
    If possible ship the source code along with ur knowledge and help me in this regard.

    Thanx & Bye to all of U

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    goto msdn and download the DDK (driver development kit) then start by reading the reams and reams of documentation that comes with it.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    The most current version of the DDK cant be downloaded, and wont cover VxDs.......

    These drivers are too old for recent versions of windows so I'm suprised they are part of any sylabus......most drivers today follow WDM..

    If you really must work with a VxD, then Iczelion has a tut, but it's all in assembler

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    I know of two books...

    I borrowed a coy of "Programming The Windows Driver Model" by Walter Oney. I have the impression that this is considered the best driver book. I've read-through the book rather quickly, and I still don't know how to get started writing drivers.... Not a simple topic! (I have not looked at the sample code on the companion CD.)

    There is also a book called "Writing Windows WDM Device Drivers" by Chris Cant. I don't know anything about this book except for the reviews on which are "mixed".

    I hope that whoever gave you the assignment is going to provide some guidence!

    Welcome to the board, Ujwal.

    FYI - While fixing my tyos, I realized that your question should have been posted on the WINDOWS BOARD, not on the C++ board.
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    Purchase the Windows DDK from Microsoft. All you have to pay is shipping, at least the last time I checked that was all you had to pay. Which last time, for myself, came out to about $11.95 USD when I bought CD's from them.
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