Thread: New to c++, need suggested reading

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    Wen Resu
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    hehe thanks i must say that anyoen who dreams of being able to learn to program in 24 days. or even 24 weeks is truly a fool.. Ok so you can program something, but is it usefull? how does it work, have you learned the reasosn the thing works or have you just memorized commands...

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    I never understood why anybody would buy "Learn C++ in 21 Days" when you can buy "Learn C++ in 10 Minutes" and party for the other 20 days.

    I think Jesse Liberty should get some kind of award for incompetence at the yearly C++ awards banquet.

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    Thumbs up Jesse Loberty!

    I have "Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days" by Jesse Liberty, and in my opinion it is an excellent beginning self-study book!

    To me, it seemed clearly written and easy to follow. It is well organized, and the format with questions and exercises at the end of each chapter (with answers/solutions in the back) provides some structure, which was helpful to me.

    I think it actually took me about 2 months to work-through the book. (I hand-typed in all the examples... You can download them, but I wanted to practice the syntax.)

    Surprisingly, it makes a handy reference book too. Its incomplete (most C++ books are). But I always look there first, because if the answer is in there, it will be easy to find, and easy to understand.
    My intention is to go right into c++ w/o learning C first.
    Right! There is no need to learn C first.

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    Wen Resu
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    all coll..
    i picked up accelerated C++ today. gona set to reading it tonight... Problem is i also picked up Book ten of the wheel of time...

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