Thread: Dive into C+ ??

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    Question Dive into C+ ??

    Hey everyone;

    I'm pretty much new at programming in anything.
    I've used python some time back but never went into advanced things.

    Anyway, I've now started using C; I'm a slow learner and am just taking it one step at a time. I've been using the DJGPP compiler for C on windows.

    I'm wondering if I sould just move to C+ since I keep hearing that it is the most used language today(?)

    Well there it is. I'd appreciate anyone's input. Also is there any other freeware compiler that I could use for C or C+.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I've never heard of C+, so you might just have invented a new language.

    Yes, you should learn C++ instead of C.

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    Don't know about C+, but for C++, try Bloodshed's Dev-C++.
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    I meant C++, I'm sorry.

    Thanks for your input guys.

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    I think you should skip C and learn the non-OOP part of C++, which is basically C except for a few minor differences. This way, you can jump into the OOP (object oriented programming) part of C++ right from there. I recommend that you get a book that teaches the basics of C++ which does not get into classes (even string classes) for quite a few chapters. Stay away from C++ books that jump into classes right away.

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    >Stay away from C++ books that jump into classes right away.
    That's impossible unless the book uses the C subset of C++ exclusively. Else how would you explain cout? It's really better to just go ahead and get a book that teaches C++ the "right way", such as Accelerated C++.
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