Thread: Problem with V C++

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    Problem with V C++

    I have this program, if I run it under Dev-C++ it runs berfect, but if I try to run it under V c++ it gives me an error message.

    this is the code
    //project 5 Order status
    float spools_orderd;
    float spools_in_stock;
    bool special_c = false;
    void getData()
    	char y;
    	cout<<" Please enter the Number of spools orderd: " ;
    	cin>> spools_orderd;
    	cout<<" Please enter the Number of Spools in Stuck: " ;
    	cin>> spools_in_stock;
    	cout<<" IS there any special charge? (Y = yes): ";
    	if ((y= 'Y')|| (y='y')){
    		special_c = true;
    void display()
    	float ready_spools_in_stock;
    	float spools_in_back_order;
    	float portion_ready;
    	float total_s_and_h_charge;
    	float total_charge;
    	float special_charges =10;
    	//geting the special charge if there is any
    	if (special_c == true) {
    		cout<<" Please enter the special shipping and handling charges (normaly it is $10) :" ;
      	    cin>> special_charges;
    	//calculating the spools in the order and sub it from the stock
    	if ( spools_in_stock >= spools_orderd) {
    		ready_spools_in_stock= spools_orderd;
    		spools_in_stock = spools_in_stock - spools_orderd;
    		spools_in_back_order = 0;
    	}else {
    		ready_spools_in_stock = spools_in_stock;
    		spools_in_back_order = spools_orderd - spools_in_stock;
    		spools_in_stock = 0;
    	//calculating the portion ready to ship.
    	portion_ready = ready_spools_in_stock * 100;
    	//calculating the shipping & handling charges
    	total_s_and_h_charge = special_charges * ready_spools_in_stock;
    	//calculating the total order ready to ship
    	total_charge = total_s_and_h_charge + portion_ready;
    	//displaying the resluts.
    	cout<< " The Number of spools ready to ship in stock are: ";
    	cout<< ready_spools_in_stock<< "spools"<<endl;
    	cout<<" The Number of spools on back-order is:";
    	cout<< spools_in_back_order<< endl;
    	cout<<" Subtotal of the portion ready to ship : $ ";
    	cout<< portion_ready<<endl;
    	cout<< " The total shipping and handling charges on the portion ready to ship $";
    	cout<< total_s_and_h_charge<<endl;
    	cout<<" The total  of the order ready to ship is : $ ";
    	cout<< total_charge<<endl;
    int main()
       return 0;
    This is the error message:
    --------------------Configuration: p4 - Win32 Debug--------------------
    LIBCD.lib(wincrt0.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _WinMain@16
    Debug/p4.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals
    Error executing link.exe.

    p4.exe - 2 error(s), 0 warning(s)

    Thank you for your help.
    The best

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    Create yourself a new project only this time choose 'console application'. Copy your code in and you should be fine. That message means the compiler is trying to create you a Win32 application, you picked the wrong setting when you made the project.

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    Got you...

    I hope that this is the problem,
    let me try it.
    The best

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    Got it

    that was the problem.

    That is right,
    thank you for your help
    The best

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    In addition, have a close look at this line:

    if ((y= 'Y')|| (y='y')){

    I don't think it works the way you intended it.

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