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    Question Getting by DOS text limit


    I am making a HTML generator, and the user needs to enter the body of thier page. The problem is that DOS doesn't let you enter more then about 3.5 lines. How can I get by this and let them enter as much text as needed?


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    Get the user to store their data in a file first, then read that instead.
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    Two problems with that...

    1) I don't know ho to read files like that.

    2) I want it to be done in the program its self.

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    read it character by character using getch and a string (#include <string>)?

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    Can you give me an example please?

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    Or you could read it line by line... something like this:
    #include <string>
    #include <list>
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    // Get user to input body of page
    list<string> userBody;
    string tempLine;
    cout << "Please enter the body of your page. Press enter twice to exit: ";
    while (getline(cin, tempLine))
    // userBody now contains the body of the users HTML page.
    If you're feeling really ambitious (and have the SGI STL extensions available) you could use a rope instead of a list<string>. Good luck.

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    int main()
    	char letter,TERMCHAR;
    that will take it in one character at a time, until TERMCHAR (you define it) is reached...
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