Thread: how do u play midi files in msvc?

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    how do u play midi files in msvc?

    i know u can play wav files with the function PlaySound() and including windows.h
    im sure there's a function to play midi files... ive searched the msdn library and cant find it... any help?

    orr... does playsound play midis as well?

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    Go into help and look in the index for midi. Make sure its set to vc++ documentation.

    Audio Samples

    Click to open or copy the files for the Audio samples.

    Sample Description
    ACMAPP Displays wave file format, and plays, records, and converts wave files. Demonstrates how to use the Audio Compression Manager API's in Windows. Can be used as an ACM driver test.
    IDFEDIT MIDI IDF (Instrument Definition File) editor.
    LOWPASS Low-pass filter for waveform audio.
    MCIAPP MCI test application.
    MCIPLAY Simple video playback application. Uses MCIWnd.
    MCIPUZZL Application lets you make a 15-square puzzle of a playing video sequence. Shows how to use installable draw procedures.
    MIDIMON Sample that displays textual listing of MIDI input messages.
    MIDIPLYR Sample MIDI player.
    MIXAPP Sample mixer application.
    MMCAPS Sample that shows the multimedia capabilities of the hardware.
    REVERSE Simple application that will play a waveform in reverse.
    SOUNDAPP Simple application showing the SndPlaySound API.
    WAVEFILE Sample AVIFile file handler for waveform audio files. To install, execute dseqfile.reg and copy dll to system dir. Can be used with AVIEDIT or AVIVIEW.

    See also, in the Video Samples section:

    LANGPLAY Plays back multi-audio stream AVI files. MULTILNG.AVI is an example file found on the CD.

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    Smile Here's a link

    I just found aweb site with lots of MIDI information.

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