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    Question Binary representation of numbers...

    Hello everyone. I am trying to write a program in C++ and I need to represent a series of numbers in binary form. I need numbers as big as 1,000,000 and I was wondering if C++ has some sort of function to change base 10 numbers into binary numbers?

    Thanks for the help in advance!

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    bitset is part of the Standard Template Library. You can use bitset for displaying numbers in binary. For input, you can use strtoul()

    Here's a program I wrote a few months ago that "converts" between bases.

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    I created a program that converts ASCII characters into integers (base 10) and binary (base 2) numbers... it won't help you much, except for maybe the binary function... I was just playing around with recursion on this program...

    	Letter => Number => Binary
    	This Program will take an ASCII character and convert it into a number, then
    	convert it into Binary. The user may enter a single charater, or a string of
    	any length, seeing as the program uses a loop to convert it one charater at a
    	time.  The output is put into a file so it can easily be copied/pasted. The
    	file is overwritten every time the program runs.
    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <fstream.h>
    int power(int),binary(int&,int);
    void main()
    	char cha;
    	int i,ch,cho;
    	ofstream ofile("letnumbin.log",ios::trunc);
    	cout<<"Press Enter after you entered a string or ASCII\n"
    		<<"character to find The Decimal and Binary equivalent:\n\n";
    			cho=ch;	// assigns number to be sent to output file
    				cout<<binary(ch,i);		// destroys int ch to 0 - cant be used ofile
    				ofile<<binary(cho,i);	// uses special assigned number
    int binary(int& ch,int i)
    		return 1;
       	return 0;
    int power(int exponent)
    		return 1;
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