Thread: free() or delete?

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    free() or delete?

    Can they be used interchangibly (they seem to be able to), and if so, which is better to use (i.e. does every OS/compiler support them, does one have more functionality)?

    And continuing that line of thought, is there a better way than using new? I know there are malloc and things like that... but those are probably not as good to use, correct?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Delete usually does the same as free, except that it also calls if you call malloc and then delete, you may end up with a crash

    if you use new, use delete. If malloc, then free....

    In C++ try stick with new/delete

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    you're not supposed to interchange them, new goes with delete and free goes with malloc

    new and delete call the constructor and destructor respectively, malloc and free dont

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    C++ introduced new and delete to replace malloc() and free(). So when using C++ just use new and delete, but in C these two are not avilable, so just use malloc() and free() when creating a C program.

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    the problem is that I was told to use


    should I manually allocate it?

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    Then use free(). Note that strdup is actually a very common extention, it's not really true C/C++. It's no sin to use malloc, and particularly realloc in C++, if you know what you are doing. In general, you should avoid the whole issue alltogether and use std::string and std::vector and let them handle all such nasty details as cleaning up after themselves.

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    unfortunately, doing that didn't work. I tried.

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