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    c++ plus dynamic website

    i downloaded this login code thing which is called password.exe which you basicly have as the form action on an HTML page, i was wondering, if i was to create a page like that, is there any special things i would have to do that i normally dont have to do? also, can i send variable results through the url, like if there is an int bob, is there someway i can use the url to tell the program what the value of bob is? thanks in advance for the help.
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    youd make the program as a console program, and its CGI scripting in C++. i think parameters passed to the EXE are the same as if youre launching from the command line (like the query string), you just have to handle the html output, which, iirc, is the same as the couts, you just need to add the document type stuff.

    ill see if i can find you a link^a class to parse cgi input and html output
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