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    I have a few questions for you program gurus. I have C++ Version 5.02 and it's built in compiler doesn't support windows 98, or the OS I am using at school here, ME. What can I do to get it to support these? Get another compiler? Or do I just have to change some settings to get my current compiler to work with 32?

    Anyway, on a side note, I am a beginner programmer and I have a basic understanding of most of the stuff related with C++; I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a program I am going to produce (with a little help, of course ? Its going to convert binary numbers (base 10) to IP addresses and IP addresses back to base 10 binary. How would I do this?

    Any help would be welcome,
    Jon Scheler AKA DeadMan

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    >>> I have C++ Version 5.02

    C++ is the basic language. There is an ANSI standard for C++. What I suspect you have is somebody's version of a C++ compiler or IDE. That is not the same thing. It is quite possible you can adjust your compiler/IDE to produce what you want. If it is really old, you may well want a more recent compiler. There are links to some free stuff in the FAQ.

    As for your application, try it and tell us where you are getting stuck.
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    I am not too good with english translations, so I might be wrong. But you say binary numbers with base 10. I may be thinking of something else now, but binary numbers have the base 2, not 10...

    Decimal numbers (which is the "normal" numbers we use) have the base 10.

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