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    time reaction game

    I need to create a piece of code that starts a timer and stops when a key is hit, and then displays how far away from 2.5 seconds that the key was hit. It needs to do this 4 times. I can use the clock() and kbhit() functions. The only problem is I can't reset the counter to ZERO for each time. If anyone understands and can help... please do. Thanks!

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    Instead of reseting the counter save the value of when they first hit it and subtract that from the current time.

    // ...
    double previous_time;
    double current_time;
    // do whatever to get the times;
    current_time -= previous_time;
    // that will give you how long it took from the first press to the second one.
    Hope that helps and makes sense.
    If you ever need a hug, just ask.

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    that might help but...

    I have to display the time continually...

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    Thanks dude, that helped.

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