Hello I am doing a assignment where you're supposed to fix some errors in some given code. The error I get is "Student.h:32:6 warning: no newline at end of file"

This is Student.h:
class Student
Student(string name, int s_number, float s_grade);
Student(string line);//parse line with number, name, and grade in it
string getName();
void setName(string s_name);
int getNumber();
void setNumber(int s_number);
float getGrade();
void setGrade(float s_grade);
void print();
string name;
int number;
float grade;
}; // Student

Also i get another warning saying "Clock skew detected. Your build may be incomplete" I have fixed all ther eorros in the code and some of the warnings and only these two elude me. I would appreciate any help given on either of the two.