Thread: no... wtf!!!?? ( Global class is 'undeclared' )

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    no... wtf!!!?? ( Global class is 'undeclared' )

    Why the the hell is this happening????

    The setup
    Lets say I am writing a rectangle class called RECT (just an example). I would place the class in its own header file; while I would place its member function code it to its own cpp file.

    K, in the rectangles cpp file that contains all of its member function code, I declare a "GLOBAL" RECT called 'rect'........

    Ok, back in main() WITH THE RECT HEADER FILE INCLUDED, I try to use this "GLOBAL" RECT called 'rect' that I defined earlier -> I get an error saying " 'rect' undeclared identifer ".... k..... thats a $$$$ing lie.

    Btw - I didn't place the GLOBAL RECT in any of the member functions, I just placed it above them all.

    COMPILER: VC++ OS: WindowsXP

    Another thing, sometimes VC++ will get stuck on an error... for instance, lets say I forgot to put a semi-colon at the end of a statement(Just an example), no seriously.... I correct the error, and it will give me the same $$$$ing error... So, to test it... I make an entirely different error on purpose, and it gives me the same error... and doesn't even bother looking at the error I did on purpose... Well, to test it further, I completely destroy all my code, delete imporant variables used through out the code, 'un-include' header files etc... and it will give me the same error.
    Then, I make a copy of all my code in my project, and delete the current project. Next, I create a new project in MSVC++ and add the code from the other project, and it compiles fine... Does anyone else have this problem??? (VC++ 6.0)

    Ok, ok, i know.. I didn't do a good job explaing any of this, I am being rushed right now.... I probably made many typo's and didn't make any sense........

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    Try the following:

    RECT k;
    extern RECT k;

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    Firstly, using "wtf" in your title makes you look childish and impatient...

    Secondly, have a look at the "extern" keyword

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    well about the same error thing even after youve fixed it, in the build menu, click clean solution and "clean <project name>". thats what it is in and try a "rebuild" too. doing that tends to help. it deletes the temporary files etc that are used by the linker and the compiler, so when you recompile it, fresh ones are made

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    Fordy, whats wrong with being a child (would you rather be an old man?)?

    Anyway, why should I have to use 'extern' ?? It SHOULD work fine without... shouldn't it? I don't understand...

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    you have to use extern because it's declared externally

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