Thread: How to declare word in c++?

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    Question How to declare word in c++?

    I was wondering how one would go about declaring a word in msvc++ 6.0. I checked MSDN but the did not have any information on the subject.


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    what do u mean word like a simple sentence?

    #include <string>
    string str = "A simple sentence.";

    // I use Xcode 1.1 && CodeWarrior 8.3
    // When on Mac Os X 10.3.2

    // I use Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
    // When on windows XP

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    It is not possible to declare a word in C++.
    The word-length varies from machine to machine.

    Often a "short int" is a word, but one cannot be sure.

    If you're using Win API, there's a type called WORD. Use it.
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    do you mean declearing a word like a int ? if so it is not possible cause int and other number types has fixed sizes but word dont have fixed sizes so use a string you cant define one.

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