Thread: Question about no '.h' standard

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    Question about no '.h' standard

    I have been wondering when the new standard for head files came into existance. I am asking this because I have been seeing it mentioned in so many posts, and the c++ course that I am using has instructed me to use '.h'. The book for my course was published in 1998.

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    My book says on November 14, 1997 a joint ANSI/ISO group, whose motivation is to develop a world wide standard for the C++ language, announced the completion of its Final Draft International Standard (ISO/IEC FDIS 14882). This leaves a last (formal) vote by the steering committe, the dotting of i's, crossing of t's, and the final inking of the document--all of which should be completed in 1998.

    My book was published in 1998 and only includes the new standard.

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