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    hi, solli if i sound like a plank yea, but its like this: ive been learning C++ homestudy for alittle while now, ive come to grips with the basics but i wanted to make afew mini projects before i move on to make sure i understand correctly..

    well everytime i go to 'implement' my new skills by creating a project i cant think of a thing to make, are there any sites online that have like ideas for mini projects that would suit beginners??

    any feedback would be helpful



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    One idea is a directory mover. Move all files from one directory to a difference directory.


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    There's a load of ideas on the Contests Forum.
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    You can do a google search of c++ courses from different univesities...many of them post complete descriptions of assignments on their course is mine of you want to give it a go..

    also, if you go to my professors past course pages you will find even more stuff.


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