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    huge update, hopefully those dang template bugs are fixed
    I think they've rewritten the template code from ground up - else I couldn't imagine them supporting everything concerning templates now.

    And I already have a stack of cd-rs with next to nothing on them in front of me so I don't want to waste anymore.
    Are the CDs closed? Can't you add a session to them?
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    Its a cd-r. You can only burn them once.
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    Most modern cd-r burners will not close a disc, this allows additional tracks to be added over a period of time. Certainly, once a disk is full, you cannot use it again, unlike a cd-rw.

    With the header argument, the modern ANSI C++ standard headers do not use the .h, and so you are encouraged to use them. If you do not have them, then you cannot. It is not an error to suggest using the headers without the .h.
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