Thread: How can I get faster 24bit rendering with Allegro

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    How can I get faster 24bit rendering with Allegro

    I am using Allegro, the latest version, to do graphics. The only problem is that I can't display 24 bit graphics with out a massive slow down.

    What would you recommend I do to optimize the speed of 24 bit graphics. I am using MS visual C++ btw, on windows XP and I also do it on Windows98.


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    I don't have an answer....

    I haven't used Allegro, but since nobody else has attempted an answer yet... I'll try to help.

    24 bits full-screen at high resolution is a lot of data! It would take quite a bit of time just to load it from a disk. If the scene is simple, it can be generated faster than a disk-read. However, if it is complex, it can take longer.

    So, at the simplest level, you would try to load the image before you need it (i.e. before the game action starts). Then, you generate and render only the changes. This is part of the "trick" of how MPEG video works.

    I think good graphics cards have frame buffers, so you can have multiple images loaded in the card, and "instantly" switch between them. Even if this feature isn't built into the graphics card, Allegro should allow you to store frames in RAM.

    Allegro should have the tools built-in to take advantage of your video board/driver's "features".

    If you don't get better answers here, you might try posting a question to the game board... even if you're not working on a game. They should know how to make fast graphics! (Be specific about where you are getting the image, and maybe about the complexity of the image.) And, read everything you can find about optimizing Allegro.

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