Thread: Finding users on a network and messaging them.

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    Finding users on a network and messaging them.

    Right, first of all, sorry that I haven't been around for a while, I've just been held up trying to learn some new stuff. Apologies to all :-)

    Now, I am looking to create a program, pref in DOS, that scans for users on a network, produces a list of them, allows you to select a user and instantly send a message to them.

    The easiest command I have found is 'NET SEND' under WIN 2K /XP. but, in the current program I have, you have to type out the name and the message, which can be quite annoying, when the users have ridiculous names. And rather than going to Network Places, and finding the users, I want to get the program to search for them automatically. This will probably be a completely ridiculously simple on.

    But can someone give me an idea as to what to look for?

    So to sum up, the program must do the following:

    1. Find users on the network who are connected to the server.

    2. Automatically list the users in any order

    3. Automatically create a Switch statement to sort the output for the NET SEND prog

    4. Allow the user to type a message to be placed onto the output string.

    I can do steps 2, 3 and 4. But not step one.

    Please help me :-)

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    I'm not eaxactly sure why this program, but if it is a UNIX style network why not use
    who -q  //for the users
    talk //or
    write //for messaging

    some entropy with that sink?

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    incase you didn't know, net send allows you to use IP address in place on Computer Name, i.e. "net send hello".
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    These don't do what I want. It is really just to test the network capabilities, as I can recognise a user name, as on the network it is done with the Date of Birth, but I only know what their names are. So thats why I need the user find. And net user, doesn't do it!

    Also, am on windows 2000

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