I'm trying to learn djgpp's graphics library allegro, but there are currently two things that are annoying me, and I was wondering if anyone knows the reasons to the problems.

1. While loading bmp files and blitting them with a pallete loaded at the same time I get a pink frame around the screen which I can't get rid of. This looks really stupid, normally the frame is white or black and I can live with that, but pink!

2. I'm trying to learn how to use datafiles, but I'm having trouble with palletes. I have this dat file which contains a bmp picture and a pallete that should work with it, but it doesn't. The colors in the program are all wrong. I created the pallete by grabbing from the same bmp that I'm using, and this is apparently the wrong way to do it. How do I get this to work?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.