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    Question recall

    hay, does anyone out there know how to pull info out of a .txt and insert it into a program? I have tried to read a since integer from a .txt and then make that equal a variable in my program ,but it never works... any ideas? thanks

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    goto the tutorial and look at the section about ifstream and ofstream

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    Like writing and reading to files?

    Here is some sample code:
    #include <fstream> // File stream, you need this
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    fstream file("somefile.txt", ios::out | ios::binary); // Opened somfile.txt for output mode and binary mode for write function
    int stuff;
    cout << "Enter stuff: ";
    cin >> stuff;
    file.write((char*)stuff,sizeof(stuff)); // write to the file
    file.close(); // Close the file
    return 0;
    That was really simpe, but I hope it kind of helps. Maybe check the FAQ?
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