Thread: Using typeid to check if something is an array

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    "cannot specify explicit initializer for arrays"

    That topic is related, sort of... its the same class, but this is a different thing I'm trying to do.

    I have code that technically would "work"...

    The error is:
    cannot specify explicit initializer for arrays

    If the user tells it it is a char* instead of just a regular array, it will compile, only it isn't a character array anymore really... and I want the user to be able to choose between char[] and char*...

    holder(const ValueType & value)
                  : held(value)
                {//non array (or pointer)
    That won't take a string... something like

    char x[10] = "abcd";
    holder y(x);
    won't compile, while

    char x[10] = "abcd";
    holder y((char*)x);

    char *x = "abcd";
    holder y(x);

    My understanding of the problem is that the fact that it is declared as

    ValueType held;

    in the class, and it can't figure out how to make something like

    "char[20] held;"
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    did u try &x ?

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    That wouldn't work if you did

    holder y("abcd");
    Also, how can you specify a template type with that?

    There's this function in the main class called "any"

        template<typename ValueType>
        ValueType any_cast(const any & operand)
            const ValueType * result = any_cast<ValueType>(&operand);
                throw bad_any_cast();
            return *result;
    And if you pass it a character array when you initialized the holder (it does it when you declare something like
    char y[10] = "abcd";
    any x = &y;
    That works... but you can't get it back because it can't convert 'const char [10]' to 'char *'

    Er... I just found a way... but I don't know how to make it more convenient:

    cout << *any_cast<char(*)[10]>(x);

    Not only that, you need to know the exact size... and there's no way to do that.
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    Unless someone can figure it out, I'll just remove the code that let you do the character array in the first place.

    Thanks anyway!
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