Thread: plz help.....time function

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    plz help.....time function

    I want to display the time spent during sorting the list....BUT i get 0 it bcuz it doesnt take less than a second to sort it..... here is the fucntion i am using:

    float Time(int flag)
    static clock_t start;
    clock_t end;
    if(flag==START) //START=0
    start = clock();
    return 0.0;
    end = clock();
    return (end-start)/CLK_TCK;

    is there anyway to display the time even if its less than a second...

    plz help asap

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    double duration;
    duration = ((double)end - start) / CLK_TCK;
    printf("%lf", duration);
    If it still prints 0.000000, then try doing something that will take longer.

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    I assume that CLK_TCK is the same as CLOCKS_PER_SEC which is usually 1000 meaning that clock returns milliseconds.

    So if your program takes 1/10th of a second (100 milliseconds) then you are calculating 100/1000 with integers (no decimals or remainder) and the result is zero.

    If you're running windows... beware... Although clock() returns milliseconds, Windows does NOT update clock() every single millisecond. As I recall, it gets updated every 18 milliseconds. (This may have been corrected in WinXP... I'm outdated.)

    And, read the post above that says "Posting Code - Read This!" It explains about using code tags.
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    thanks guys ,it works now...

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