Thread: C++ help!!!!! Adding integers

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    C++ help!!!!! Adding integers

    how do i get my program to add the numbers in a single integer, e.g 123456, so it will do 1+2+3+4+5+6 ????
    Help please

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    I just got my pupils dialated, so I reall'y cant see your code...if you could make it a little bigger that'd be great...

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    Step 1: Divide a number into its different digits
    Step 2: Add them

    Example: x = 1234
    x % 10 = 4
    x /= 10
    x % 10 = 3

    you can figure out how to write a loop to do this for you

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    First, convert it to a string. You can use sprintf(). I think some compilers have itoa() (integer to ascii), but I also think this is not ANSI standard.

    Convert each character in the string to a single-character "string".

    Use atio() (ascii to integer) to get the individual "numbers".

    Add 'em up in a loop.

    Or, you could do it mathmatically... using division to shift the numbers right into the one's position, etc. ( I haven't completely thought-out the algorithm) again adding them up in a loop.

    Look up "modulus" if you don't understand what ygfperson
    is doing.
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