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    Making help files

    Hi there!

    How can I make help files for my program? I mean the files with .h extension, what are commonly accessed by the windows application. I'd like to write my application's own help.
    How can I do that?


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    Windows help (*hlp) files are obsolete and unsupported by M$. However, you can get a copy of the free M$ help compiler here:

    You need to write your help files as RTF documents using MS Word, and use the help compiler to turn them into a help file.

    M$ now supports a HTML Help Compiler, and you can get a free copy from the link above. Personally, I never liked this. Why compile HTML into something else?

    I would just write your help as HTML pages, and when the user clicks help in your application, launch the default browser with the relevant help file. Something like:

    ShellExecute(Handle, "open", "helpfilename.htm", NULL, NULL, SW_MAXIMIZE);

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