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    Just Starting

    Greetings. I am looking for a compiler, and after the 5th time trying to install DJGPP I gave up with that. I need a compiler that can create games and can use a graphics library like allegro. Can anyone help me out with choosing the right compiler? Thanks in advance.

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    RE: Just Starting

    Are you new to programming in general?

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    I know java quite well.

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    Need it be a free compiler?
    Mingw32 is supposed to be very good, based on gcc3.2.
    Alternativly you could install cygwin and use their gcc.

    In IDEs I still think VC++ is the best, but Dev-C++ is great too and it is free.
    All the buzzt!

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    DevC++ is great, but won't work with any graphics library's that I want to use. DX and OpenGL is too advanced for me right now. I need a complier that runs in DOS or windows and can support allegro.

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    Use Allegro with DJGPP

    If you want to use Allegro, you should try get DJGPP working! As I understand it, Allegro was written specifically for DJGPP.

    Compilers are ALWAYS difficult to configure. I can't help you with DJGPP... I don't use that one. Getting a compiler installed, configured, and working is not always a straight-forward task. Ttroubleshooting can be frustrating... you don't know how long it's going to take, or when you're getting close to the solution.

    If you post a question indicating the specific problems you're having, sombody here can probably help you. DJGPP is popular, and I'm sure several members ot this board use it!

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