Thread: Referencing Classes?

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    Referencing Classes?

    Is it possible to reference a class?
    I was thinking something like this?
    class classOne
    class &classOneRef = classOne;
    It's not really important. I just wanted to know...
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    Yes, i do believe you can. How else would you be able to pass a class reference to a function that takes a void*? I may, however, be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.

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    That sure doesn't look right to me. A reference to the keyword class?

    "How else would you be able to pass a class reference..."

    Like this?

    class classOne

    classOne a;

    classOne& b = a;
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    You could do a typedef:
    class className {
    // ...
    typedef className otherClassName;
    typedef className &classNameRef;
    A variable of otherClassName is then the same as one of className. A variable of classNameRef is a reference to an object of className.
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