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    Question graphics and sound

    how would you use graphics and sound. is there a header file? if so, what functions would i use and what header file is it? thanks.

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    Don't believe them!

    Some here will tell you using graphics and sound is sooo difficult, and they will tell you to learn the basics of C++ before even thinking of graphics. Don't believe them! It is not sooo difficult. Short instruction:
    Get (I would advise Visual) C++ (6 or better will help).
    Go to the page and download DirectX SDK (8.1 or better will help). Be warned, this download is huge (100 MB +).
    When you have DirectX SDK unzip and install it. It comes with some demo animations (won't last too long and you can program similar animations).
    Restart your computer.
    Start Visual C++. Start a new WIN32-Application. Add a cpp file and write #include<ddraw.h>. This is your header for graphics. The linker will need these files: dxguid.lib and ddraw.lib. You can find them in a subdirectory of your DirectX SDK. You must add them to your project if you want to use graphics in your program.
    Buy a book dealing with DirectX. Read about Surfaces, there are only about ten functions you should learn by heart if you want to finish your projects in a not-ridiculous amount of time (Sure you will meet the functions ->SetCooperativeLevel and ->BltFast in your book.) Be patient when reading your book, the subject is not difficult to understand, it is only extensive.
    If you have problems,though, post a precise question here. Some (not many) guys here might be able to help you out of your misery then.

    I think this is enough for the beginning.

    Good luck learning DirectX !

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    It depends on your compiler...

    Graphics and sound are NOT part of ANSI/ISO standard C++. That means that the particular header files will depend on the particular compiler / operating system / hardware.

    If you're running Windows and have a windows compiler, there will be lots of WinAPI functions available to you. Some compilers will have sound.h and graphics.h (You can search for all the .h files on your computer.)

    For more advanced graphics (faster, more detail, etc) you can use DirectX (Windows), OpenGL (Multi-platform), or Allegro (multi-platform).

    More graphics/sound info from the FAQ
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