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    Question The difference?

    OK, I know that C++ is object orentated. But what is the difference between Object Orentated programming languages and Precedual Programming?

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    (Are you really so helpless that you can't look up what objected orientated programming entails yourself? Although, I see your inability to spell properly might be a hindrance.)
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    C++ has classes, objects, member variables and member functions.

    An object is a specific instance of a class... to steal from "C++ in 21 Days": A cat is a class. Fluffy and Boots are objects.

    With C (which is NOT object oriented) you can make a structure and have a variable like Fluffy.Age.

    With C++ You can make an object and have a member function like Fluffy.IncreaseAge() which is not possible in C.

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    Besides what 7stud and DougDbug said, one feature that I like in OOP programming is encapsulation. You can have all functionality in an object(class) and not spread out everwhere in the code. Without OOP it can really be a pain in the *** if you want to debug/upgrade(add new features) to your app.
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